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  • Yusuf Jalal

A Colorful Life.

They say pictures speak a thousand words. Pictures can capture the essence of a moment. Pictures can evoke emotions beyond imagination. Well, this picture is one of those pictures for me. It's one of the first few moments of me living in the United States. Permanently. Me and Hina just got out of Dulles airport and we were about to drive to my new home. Before we did, we decided to to remember this moment and capture it. I had just moved out of my parents house and began a new chapter in my life. A new stage of personal growth. A new perspective on existence. I was feeling all kinds of emotions. Scared, excited, nervous, happy, anxious and elated. I was embarking on a journey into the unknown. But what I did know was that I will always have my baby by my side. And knowing that made me feel at peace. She's the ink to my pen, the code to my existence. So to anyone who has gone through a recent life event such as moving or changing schools, remember that you will always need to be connected to someone, not something. Your moments are defined by the people you interact with and the experiences you share with them. I guess all I'm trying to say is that your moments are precious. They don't come back but they are remembered forever.

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