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  • Yusuf Jalal

A Special Water Experience.

Water definitely comes to life in the Xel-Ha aquatic theme park. It's an experience of the senses that awakens your spirit and you start appreciating nature in all it's forms. And as you start experiencing the park, you start to develop a deep bond towards the nature on our beautiful planet. There's so much to do and so much to see! As soon as you step into the park and look at the map, excitement, shock and awe just oozes through your body. You have so much options to pick from the endless activities at the park! It was quite exhilarating. Once you dip into the river and look up towards the clear skies as the water splashes on your body you just feel at harmony. Harmony with birds. Harmony with the jungle. Harmony with nature. And more importantly, harmony with yourself.

Better yet, floating on the lazy river with my baby and looking at the skies with the lush trees surrounding us gave me a nice space to just reflect on life. The calm waters relaxes the mind and the wind blowing invigorates the senses. We also went snorkeling which was a really nice experience. Looking at colorful fishes just swim around was a comforting feeling. The zip biking was also a really cool adventure. It really encourages you to fully appreciate the jungle and all of the incredible scenery it has to offer. It did get slightly tiring towards the end though but every pedal was worth it lol. And how can I forget about the lighthouse? It gives a perfect view of the park and luckily me and Hina got a nice shot (you can see some of our shots below!). The photo gets taken once you scan your wristband on specific locations and the camera only gives you around 3 seconds to get ready so it was somewhat of the challenge lol.

Overall though, Xel-Ha was definitely one of the main highlights of our trip to Mexico. It truly was one unique water experience. Stay tuned for more posts!

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