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Life's Rollercoasters: My favorite ride.

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Love is a funny one isn't it? It has it's ups, sometimes there are downs but man, it's my favorite ride. My partner, or passenger, shall I say in this ride is none other than my wife Hina. She's the most majestical, beautiful and adorable creature on this planet. My eyes literally follow her around every chance I get and that's just the beginning lol.

I dedicate the following to you:

The way you make me stop and stare

Appreciate the sun and glare

Hold my breath until you're there

For what's really inside our hearts to share

A little something called care

Sometimes it wasn't easy, you'll tell me right here

There was a stumble and maybe a few falls

But we learnt to rise up from it all

Because we love each other and that doesn't fade

From the moment I laid eyes on you until my time in the grave

I'll never let go, past, present or tomorrow

Hina this one's for you from your one and only Joe

Rainbow pictured 05/15/2022 - Taken by Hina on my Pixel :)

What's the meaning of all this?

This emotion is so raw and so strong that I had to write a poem about it because I feel it's such a cornerstone of who I am as a person. Love makes our world vibrant and colorful and I hope you all enjoy the rainbow.

Happy days ahead to everyone from not your average Joe!

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